Certification – Periodic Inspection

Elevator certifications are carried out by the specialized certification department of PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. The certifications mainly concern the performance of initial and periodic checks to verify their safe and correct operation. The inspection and certification of elevators by an Independent and Recognized Organization has been institutionalized since 2000 in Greece.

However, the inspection of elevators is not just a formal legal obligation, but a substantial examination of the functionality and effectiveness of all safety provisions for the protection of passengers and should not be confused with routine maintenance. The certification applies to all elevators, new and old, installed in single-family homes, apartment buildings, areas used by the general public, industrial areas and ships. According to the Ministerial Decision published in Official Gazette 2604/B/2008:

  • New elevators that are installed in buildings with a building permit after 01/07/1999 are subject to the provisions of the European Directive, 95/16/EC and the standards ELOT EN 81-1, 2 / 1998 (CE marking) and are certified by a Control Organization before starting their operation.
  • The existing (old) elevators must be inspected / certified by an Inspection Organization and adapted to the modernization measures, based on the Official Gazette.
  • It is pointed out that from now on all lifts that have been certified should be periodically checked by a notified Certification Organization every 1 to 6 years depending on their use.
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