Human Resources


PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. forms a working environment characterized by safety, equality, stability and commitment of employees to corporate values. The company’s human resources consist of people with specialized knowledge and training.

Basic pursuit for PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. is to operate with a sense of responsibility and consistency towards our people and to remain their first choice throughout their career. We stand by them and support their professional development with actions.


PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. provides a working environment where all employees enjoy safe and healthy working conditions, as well as opportunities for personal and team development, through responsible professional conduct.

Encouraging initiative and rewarding innovation, we provide working conditions that ensure:

  • Optimal conditions for the development of creativity
  • Development and utilization of the potential of each employee
  • Fulfillment of professional and personal ambitions


For PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. the personal development of employees is inextricably linked to that of the company. Our vision and mission is to attract and develop people with high ideals, values and ethics, which are consistent with the company’s vision of business excellence.

The company’s activity in different sectors of the manufacture of elevators and their components, as well as its continuous development, offers employees access to a wide range of knowledge, skills and rapid development.

In this context, our people have the opportunity to:

  • Develop new ways of expression and thinking
  • They manage new challenges
  • Cultivate communication and collaboration skills
  • Develop management and problem solving skills
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