Installation – Renovation – Repair


Our know-how and many years of experience, specialized staff and perfect organization allow us to undertake the installation of any elevator or lifting machine. The installation crew of PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. consists of elevator installation technicians and assistants with many years of experience in the installation of elevators – escalators and lifting machines.

Our company applies a quality control system with forms and strict procedures in every phase of the installation. For each project, we maintain technical documentation, from the design phase to its completion, in order to ensure the functionality, reliability and safety of the elevator we deliver.

Contact us for the design, construction and installation of your elevator shaft, so that we can achieve that the elevator that will be installed will meet your needs. Our engineers are at your disposal to advise you on the required dimensions so that you can install the lift that suits you and make the most efficient use of your available space.


PALYVOS P. & D. S.A. following the requirements of the community directive for the modernization and safety of lifts which was harmonized in the Greek legislative framework with F.E.K. 1797B 21.12.05 and the EN 81.80 standard, in any case it proposes the appropriate solution for the operational and aesthetic upgrade of your elevator.

We are always at your side to advise and help you upgrade your lift in the best possible way, whether it concerns safety components and mechanical parts or the aesthetic installation such as the car, switchgear, doors and floors. By renovating your lift:

  • The individual old parts of the elevators are replaced either because they have suffered damage due to their use, or because they do not meet the new specifications set by the legislation.
  • The level of safety and comfort of elevator users is upgraded.
  • The value of your property is upgraded since the elevator is a key functional element of the building.
  • The aesthetics of the elevator are improved, which decreases noticeably with the passage of time.
  • Optimum lift functionality is achieved.
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